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Welcome to the"Organic"

Welcome! 6 years ago we decided to follow through on our desire to become self sufficient and produce our own food. To kill two birds with one stone (figuratively) we decided to plant and sell our favorite fruit – Mangoes! It’s been a huge learning curve but we have enjoyed all the life lessons we have learned and continue to learn.
Here at DK productions it’s important that our mangoes don’t contain any pesticides; so we only use minerals and compost to fertilize and care for the soil and trees. We believe farming naturally produces a difference you can taste and see. Our hope is that you will enjoy the mangoes as much as our family does.

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    Naturally Sweet

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    Keeps family healthy

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    Always Fresh

Krysten Brown/
Farm Manager
Farming brings me closer to God, I can see him better as I take care of our mango trees and animals. And to see to joy on the faces of…
Delroy Brown/
Farm Manager
I have been involved with development for more than 15 years. Now I'm turning my hand to mango farming 🙂

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